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AGCA Summer Gun Show
Show Theme: Guns of the Cowboy Era (prior to 1900)
Show Dates: July 12-13, 2014

Welcome to the Alabama Gun Collector's Association website.  The Alabama Gun Collector's Association began in 1954 by seven men with a vision of developing a group who could come together for discussion and trade of their shared interest in firearms.  Fast forward 60 years to today and the Alabama Gun Collector's Association is over 2200 members strong and growing annually.

The goal of the Alabama Gun Collector's Association is to have a place to come together and display and trade guns, weapons, accessories and memorabilia from our nations proud history.  A.G.C.A. members collect a wide range of weapons from our past and present and display and trade them at the shows.  The A.G.C.A. gun shows serve many purposes but mostly for the following:

  • Member Meeting & Fellowship
  • Member Collection Display's
  • Trade & Sales of Legal guns, weapons, blades, ammo,  accessories and memorabilia
  • Education for all interested
  • Remembrance for all those who served our country and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and great way of life.

The Alabama Gun Collector's Association meets three times a year for two days, currently at the B.J.C.C. in Birmingham, AL, with a business meeting on the morning of the final day.  The A.G.C.A gun show meetings are open on Saturday and Sunday both to our members (at no charge) and to the general public (for a small door fee).

Highlights of the AGCA Summer Gun Show

This show features high quality modern and antique firearms for sale or trade, including rare rifles, pistols, and custom shotguns. In addition, several AGCA members will have special collections of Western and Cowboy firearms and wil offer western memorabilia for sale. Many of these items are one-of -a kind displays of historic revolvers and lever action rifles od the Old West. Whether you are just getting started as a collector or need a special piece to complete a growing collection, our Sumer Gun Show could very well be the source you are looking for. Come to the BJCC for this weekend show and join us.

SPECIAL FEATURE: "Un-Reconstructed" - a fantastic string band will play western and period music!


Join the NRA

If you have not yet joined, please join the National Rifle Association and help preserve our 2cd Amendment rights.  If you already have become a member, thank you and keep up the good work. 

Please keep the men and women of our armed forces in your hearts and on your mind.  Pray for their safe return and congratulate them on the great work they are doing to insure our freedom and safety.

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